It takes two hours to charge, and it has a running time

My guess is that it has a 0000, and it COULD have a 1. It’s been some time, but I still can’t place where I bought this item. But considering how much I spent on it, I can’t say that I’m satisfied with this cutter at all. It’s quite a cacophony in here. My customers are dissatisfied. I purchased an ANDIs BRG as well as an ANDIs BRG + MuCH superior cutter. Either there are wires or there aren’t. It can’t be both. In the event of a crisis, I am prepared with both wired and wireless technology. Batteries are the sole source of energy that may be used by the oyster. The length of hair that can be pulled by the 2mm (00000) blade is 0. Get blades made of metal. Clay blades can also be repaired with oil if necessary. Use every Andis blade besides 0000. Instead, use Oster 00000. Never use Oster oil After only two hours of charging, the Andis Supra ZR II Cordless 5-Speed Clipper has a runtime of three hours when fully operational. Because the blades can be removed and reattached, you have the ability to select the length of the cut that is most suitable for your personal preference.

Because of this, it is now feasible to utilize up to five distinct speeds, and it is compatible with all Andis UltraEdge and CeramicEdge blades. Blade oil, a charging stand, and a charging adaptor are all included in the package that you purchase. These blades may be removed and cleaned without much effort because of their simple design. You can quickly wipe it with a damp cloth, or you can use a brush to clean it thoroughly all the way through. If you have a charging station that can accommodate two batteries, you will always have the option of using a fully charged and ready-to-use backup battery. It has a sturdy, shatter-proof casing and a clearcoat surface that doesn’t reveal fingerprints or smudges. The clear coat surface is easy to clean. scratch- and rust-resistant Protective CoatingTM blades in sizes 000 and 1 are included in the set, in addition to the blade guard, cleaning equipment, and a battery that can be recharged. Additionally, the set has a place where two batteries may be charged simultaneously. Switzerland is responsible for the production and design of each and every Titan® and Classic 76® clipper blade. Because the blades are so simple to remove and replace, cleaning the device is quick and painless. They also produce a cut finish that is comparable to that produced by clip combs.

Andis blades that can have their edges removed are crafted from high-carbon steel that is produced in the United States. These shears are crafted in the state of Wisconsin. HIGH-SPEED MOTOR: The high-speed motor possesses 5 speeds that range anywhere from 1800 to 3,800 revolutions per minute (spm). It produces outcomes that are outstanding and precise while creating as little noise as is humanly feasible and remaining in stock for a considerable amount of time. Specifics about the product are as follows: It weighs 2.8 pounds, has dimensions of 3.3 by 8 by 10, and comes with a charging stand, a charging adaptor, an extra blade drive, and blade oil. The Andis 79005 Supra ZR II Cordless Rechargeable Trimmer can be found here. Lithium-ion batteries have the ability to charge themselves and can be switched out quickly. It takes two hours to charge, and it has a running time of three hours when powered by 100–240 volts at 50–60 Hz. Without a shadow of a doubt, Oster is the company that produces the highest-quality hair clippers and blades. The blades are extremely sharp, which makes the task of cutting hair much simpler. When you cut your hair, the scissors or the blades will never get caught on anything, not even your hair. It possesses an impressive power life. This is a cutter that I would purchase again and again.