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WP GDPR Fix Review
WP GDPR Fix Review

Too many website owners are slow to respond to GDPR and have taken no action. Some

are even saying they will simply refuse visitors from the EU. Don’t tell me, you’re one of those guys? WP GDPR Fix Review

Picture this… There’s your competition out there that is waiting for a thing like this. An  opportunity to grow their business banking on all the extra traffic they can generate thanks to  the faux pas that you might be making. WP GDPR Fix Review


Consider this an opportunity

# Establish more trust with your EU buyers and even your buyers in your main market. # Improve your conversions and sales with the enhanced trust. # Get more traffic from EU that was turned away by less careful marketers. Yes, conforming to GDPR makes you more respectable back home, and gets you more
sales, leads and conversions.

Let me guess… You’re not compliant today because you feel it’s too complicated or too  expensive? Myths. Check this out.

This is WP GDPR Fix, a powerful plugin for your WordPress blogs that will help you become
compliant with GDPR on 7 key features.

– Cookie consent & management
– Terms & Conditions policy
– Privacy Policy
– Right to be forgotten requirement
– Data access requirement
– Data breach notification requirement
– Data rectification system

Just activate it and set it up to be compliant with the list above. WP GDPR Fix Review

Isn’t that crazy?

You don’t need to hire a dev or consult a fancy lawyer to be compliant with these criterions. Compliance is really the simplest thing ever then and you don’t need to turn away EU visitors, but if that’s what you want to do… This plugin can do that too for you. Get the whole deal on it on this link Check it out now, while the sale discount is still available.

  • Grabbing leads from your WordPress sites using any plugin or tool.
  • Accepting comments and messages on your WordPress site.
  • Running a basic E-com store on WordPress that’s using standard WP features.

Then WP GDPR Fix can really help you get compliant faster by filling in the bits that require the most amount of computation and coding work. It’ll create the sections for you that will be very expensive and time consuming to re-create if you hired a team.

WP GDPR Fix Review
WP GDPR Fix Review

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