What Makes This Niche So Unique PLR

Let me ask you a few questions. Have you ever colored in animal books in when you were a child? What about doodling in a sketch book Did you ever try creating a huge masterpiece when you were 3 or 4 years old? Or draw robots all over the wall using crayola thinking you’re going to impress your parents and friends?
Can’t draw a single let alone a robot? And I’ll tell you why… You need STUDIO QUALITY DESIGNS to dominate this niche. Not any old grandma’s fridge drawings… but GOOD, well-designed drawings that’s accurate, informational and entertaining. What Makes This Niche So Unique?

The robot coloring niche is a sub-niche of the toddlers and kids coloring book niche! Imagine that… these are 2 multi-million dollar niches and robot coloring books fit right in.
If you have no idea what I’m talking about… let’s look at some of the most common problems people face when it comes to creating robot coloring books.

Designing drawings of robots or anything for that matter requires research – which takes time. Sitting down, opening Inkscape or Illustrator for hours at a time is taxing and tiring… and guess what? Yup! It’s time-consuming too.
You could hire a freelance designer and they may charge you anywhere from $30 – $150 per design. Maybe more. It’ll save you time.. but you’ll end up spending anywhere from $900 to $4,500 for 30 High Quality Designs
You’ll receive 30 Line Drawings in AI, SVG and PNG format.
Trying to learn the complexity of illustrator or inkscape?
Don’t want to pay a premium price for software?
Prefer to work out in the privacy of your own home?
You most probably did. Most people on the planet have… and here’s what you may not have realized… Kids Are Highly Creative And Love Coloring Robots! You’re probably thinking, “But what does that have to do with anything, Huw… and why is your name Huw instead of Hugh? Great stuff. So, What can I not do?
[NO] You CANNOT sell on any of the files in anyway.
[NO] You CANNOT sell the designs as PLR in anyway
[NO] You CANNOT create Dot to Dot, Connect the Dot and Trace the Drawing designs using these images.
What if I have issues with access?
I live and breath in front of the computer screen, so send a quick email to admin@nitroplr.com, and I will get you squared away.

This is NOT false scarcity. The price WILL go up. Now’s the best time to get it.. and you’ll be glad you did. Click on the buy button below and grab this exclusive discount while you can!
What does this all cost?
All 30 designs will cost $17 and after the initial launch period it will increase to $27. In what format will I receive the files? All 30 designs will be available in AI, SVG and PNG format.

I have no idea about my name… but I do know this…Coloring robots has been around for decades and it’s even MORE POPULAR now than it was back then. In fact, if you did a quick search on Google for “robot coloring books”, you’d see that…