Traffic Takeover Download

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Traffic Takeover Download
Traffic Takeover Download

Traffic Takeover is an easy-to-use software plugin that lets you takeover any website online with just a few clicks of your mouse in a bid to generate more traffic, leads and sales into your online business.

By taking over the authority of huge websites such as BBC, CNN, Daily Mail and similar, you will easily convert the visitor into a sale due to the high level of trust the visitor has for that high authority site.
The software combines multiple tricks that force the visitor to interact, opt-in and stay longer on your sites. This enables you to drive visitors to wherever you want them to be, build email lists with ease and make sales on autopilot.

Traffic Takeover is also compatible with all major autoresponders.

When you start using Traffic Takeover, you’ll want to hook up your autoresponder so you can start building a huge email list!
Below is a list of some of the major autoresponders that are compatible with the software.

You Can Even Embed Your Own Facebook Messenger Button On

To ANY WEBSITE You Takeover!

That’s Right! With the extremely powerful technology behind Traffic Takeover, you can even embed your own Facebook Messenger button (Customer Chat) onto any website that you decide to takeover.

Customer Chat is a plugin that allows your website visitors to interact with your business through Facebook Messenger directly on your homepage.

This is an extremely useful and powerful feature that enables you to send direct messages to any visitor that lands on the website that you’ve taken over.
If people want to engage with you, they can just press one button, and boom – you’ve established a conversation thread in Messenger. It will never expire (unlike cookies), so you can reach back to these people with an answer, an offer, or even send them straight to an affiliate link – right in the Messenger app on their phone.

Traffic Takeover Download,