The Pin Code 3.0 REVIEW : You can use it to build a massive list, drive sales of your own and affiliate products, get leads, build your brand…and all of it on the one platform. The Pin Code 3.0 : Pinterest works for just about every marketer – whether you’re a creator or promoter of products (digital and physical), a niche marketer, a coach or consultant, a freelancer…this will work for you. Even better, Pinterest’s continual innovations mean that there are now even more opportunities to profit from this unique platform. PRODUCT OWNER IS Amanda Craven

The Pin Code 3.0 Review


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Did you know there’s a site out there that’s been quietly creeping up on Facebook? Forget Twitter because it’s already overtaken it… As for Google – let’s just say the Big G better watch out.

I’m talking about Pinterest. Yup, that site where yummy mummies pin up pretty pictures. Except that those pretty pictures are generating billions of dollars and it’s not just the yummy mummies who are raking them in. There are now over 200 million regular users of Pinterest. And those users don’t just browse – they buy. A lot.

Learn How To Monetize Pinterest At Last!

Let me guess… You’ve tried everything you can think of on Pinterest and not made a penny. Or you heard about it but can’t believe pinning up a few nice pics can actually work. Never mind that Pinterest is now the 2nd largest traffic driver on the planet, second only to Facebook. Or that it’s a place positively stuffed with people who are looking to spend money.

I Studied What The Pinterest Winners Do

So I decided to really study what the Pinterest winners were actually doing rather than relying on some gooroo’s theories. I dug deep into their methods and discovered that each had a carefully thought-out strategy. I saw what was working for them and what wasn’t. Most importantly of all, I worked out how they were successfully monetizing Pinterest.

Here’s Why Pinterest Is A Marketer’s Paradise

To understand just why Pinterest is a marketer’s paradise, let me show you some stats:
Pinterest (2)There are now 200 million monthly active Pinterest users
pinterest (2)2 million Pinterest pins are sent from one user to another daily
pinterest (2)A pin is 100 x more viral than a tweet

What You Get With The Pin Code 3.0
1: Step By Step Videos
2: Main Course PDF
3: Fill-In-The-Blanks Worksheets
4: Extra BONUS Training

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