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The FEAR Method Review

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Get Your Copy Of “The FEAR Method” With this training, you will receive three (3) videos with a total running time of 78-minutes, and you will receive three (3) PDF’s with the transcriptions of each of the three videos.

Using Simple & Easy-to-Remember Writing Formulas to Guide Our Steps We both were able to increase our writing speed, by making one simple change… Instead of flying by the seat of our pants, we both chose to sketch out an outline of the story we wanted to tell our readers… In doing so, we were able to produce stories at a much quicker pace than we ever thought possible to do…


We Will Show You How

The most important part of writing great horror fiction stories is knowing:

1)What story you want to tell;
2)How to create truly horrifying villians;
3)How to make your story truly scary;
4)How to increase the drama inside the story;
5)How to make readers fear sitting in the dark;
6)How to leave people uneasy about what might be found on the next page;
7)How to make someone jump out of their skin when they hear a sound in their own home;

We are going to teach you how to:

(1)igure out what scares the living hell out of readers;
(2)Tap into people’s very personal fears, to pull the readers directly into your stories;
(3)Drill down into those fears that trigger and supercharge people’s nightmares;
(4)Build your stories based on those things that make people’s blood run cold;
(5)Create the scariest antagonists for your stories;
(6)Map out the dramatic events in your horror stories;
(7)Use foreshadowing to build the reader’s fear of what might be coming;

There Are Many Benefits To Being Able To Play With People’s Deepest Fears & Emotions The greatest horror stories are those that play the reader’s emotions like a fiddle – fluidly moving between calmness, uncertainty, fearfulness, dread, relief and sometimes even uncomfortable laughter. The greatest stories ever told often fluctuate between utter dread and jubilant excitement, and then back to the deepest fears of the human condition.

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7-Minute Video Introduction to the Principles that ensure you only get the very best genres. 20-Minute video ranking ALL the horror genres on Kindle. 24-Minute video showing you the best non-horror genres with horror elements that you can supplement you F.E.A.R Factory with. PDF presentation with all the details from the videos including conventient links to each of the included genres’ bestseller charts.

The FEAR Method Review,