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StoreDaddy, StoreDaddy Download

Will I have to do installs or downloads?

No! Because we provide the hosting for your website, you don’t have to worry about installs, downloads or software upgrades. You just sign-up, log-in and get started. StoreDaddy Download


StoreDaddy Download
StoreDaddy Download

what are various marketplaces/affiliates sites i can find products from?

Currently you can find Amazon Affiliates Products , ebay or aliexpress products.StoreDaddy Download

I want to use my own domain name, is that possible?

Of course! All you have to do is get your domain registrar to point your domain name to our servers.
our name server details are

As soon as you done, just email us ( with subject ‘Custom Domain name’ and send your domain name to us. We will update your domain to our DNS zone. StoreDaddy Download

That may sound difficult, but it’s a breeze once you follow the instructions carefully.

storedaddy sounds great, but will it cost me an arm and leg?

How about a cup of coffee? For less than you’d pay for cup a coffee a day, Storedaddy provides you with the easiest, fastest and most affordable path to creating a professional store , without the professional price tag.

StoreDaddy, StoreDaddy Download