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Delightful content discovery. We track 30 top sites to find the most viral content on the web now.

Users are able to add RSS feeds of MANY types (including YouTube and Pinterest) to populate laser-focused niche content.

Support for Youtube and vimeo virality.

Manual curation or full automation – to social and blogs. Real Specific Download

Support for dozens/hundreds of WordPress sites and FB/T/LI/P accounts.
As you know, content is the lifeblood of any blog. It’s what grabs users, sucks in traffic, and gets you sales.

You spend HOURS and HOURS finding good topics, doing research, and writing our posts. And then it
takes another chunk of time to make the social media posts to share it about.

Real Specific Download
Real Specific Download

That all changes in 2018 :
1. Define your niche, set up your automated content curation jobs
2. Hook up your blogs and social accounts
3. See your traffic and engagement go up, often over double Real Specific Download

My buddy Justin Anderson has created Real Specific to make your life as a site owner INFITINELY easier.
It streamlines your blogging and makes your social media posting as hands-free as you want.

Delightful content discovery. Super easy curation… or full autopilot.

Just 30 seconds and you’re up and running.

You should go check out the site to see how users are getting massive traffic. 20 visitors a day on a
brand new site all the way up to 900,000 monthly visitors across a network running the system. Real Specific Download

As you know, it’s always a game of cat and mouse with Google and Facebook/Twitter/etc. Getting traffic for free or
cheap is the goal and it gets harder every year.

Well, in 2018 the game has changed.

Trending topics and viral content work for sucking in organic Google traffic, Facebook
Likes/Shares/clicks, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterset, and other social accounts.

Real Specific has thousands of users and has shared a few specific data points from their user base.

– A brand new site posting trending content sees on average 15-20 visitors a day
– One of their top users has a network of 200 sites and social and sees 900,000 visitors a month
– Typically trending content gets engagement on social and longer content gets the organic traffic.
– Organic takes longer to build (like a snowball) while social comes randomly in spikes.

(Of course you can build traffic the old fashioned way – spending dozens of hours a week writing good
content and posting it all over. But why would you want to do it the hard way?) Real Specific Download

Real Specific Download,