Real Estate Essentials REVIEW

Real Estate Essentials
Real Estate Essentials

Real Estate Essentials REVIEW –  : YOU CAN EASILY GET THE LINK OF Real Estate Essentials Final : If things are not going your way right now because it seems that no matter what you do, you cannot land more Real Estate Clients… And You NEED the bank account to grow MORE at the end of the month, then you are going to love this… Start Landing High-Quality Real Estate Clients Who Will Be Desperate To Do Business With You… In A Super-Quick, Simple And EFFORTLESS Way!


Real Estate Essentials is a powerful bundle of two killer software packages, client-generating tools that I personally use in my offline consulting business for maximum results — and now it’s available to you, so that you can finally start landing the best possible type of client: Real Estate clients. Real Estate Essentials REVIEW

But the main star in this bundle is the amazing and hyper-effective lead- page online software which allows you to swiftly build personalized and high-converting lead-pages with just a few clicks of the mouse… and which will basically have Real Estate clients eating out of your hand!

Does the Real Estate Analyzer Software REALLY analyze the page?

– Well, not really.  But it sure does look like it doesnt it?  This is a lead page that has the questions built in so that the real estate agent really thinks it is.  This is to get the attention of the agent and get them to call you.

Why does a Real Estate Agent Need a Mobile or Single Site for their listings?

– Have you ever driven by a property and its later in the evening, and you can’t reach the real estate agent?  This will help get their drive by customers look up the property url in their mobile device and get all of the information they need.  You can set up a facebook pixel or retargetting pixel on the site and retarget them with ads in their Facebook or other social media sites.  Real Estate Essentials REVIEW

Do I need to be a marketing expert to make this work?

– Not at all.  We have step by step training on setting everything up.  Of course, you do have to approach real estate agents or send them the lead page, but the more you send, the better chance you will have of landing a new real estate client that will pay you monthly.

What exactly am I selling to real estate agents?

– You are using the real estate analyzer software to build a lead page that you can send to local agents in your area, then you upsell them on a single site or mobile site for their listings.  You can charge a monthly fee to build their sites.

Real Estate Essentials REVIEW,