Mass Optimizer REVIEW

Mass Optimizer, Mass Optimizer REVIEW

Mass Optimize Folders of Images
Simply chooses a folder of your .jpeg images and create a folder to send the optimized versions to.

Mass Optimizer REVIEW : Add the Search Terms you want to optimize for – add Comments and URLS, Tags, Geo Location if required.

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Even upload a .csv file of multiple locations to create images optimized for a whole city, town or region. Mass Optimizer REVIEW

Paste in your Article as is or paste your Spintax ( Spinnable Text) to create multiple variations for one or multiple images.

Rename your images to your Search Terms – save as a Project or click ‘Optimize’ and you’re Done!

Image and Video Optimization Software
ONE CLICK Optimization – Whole Folders of Images
ONE CLICK Optimization – Whole Folders of Videos
Keyword Optimize your Metadata and More!
Add Latitude, Longitude Geo Location Data Mass Optimizer REVIEW
Add ‘Spintax’ Articles for Unique Variations
Works for all Languages
Image and Video SEO to the MAX!
Full Video Training Included
One Time Price Point for this Launch Only!

Mass Optimize and ‘Spin’ Video metadata
Optimize .mp4 Videos prior to uploading to YouTube or embedding on your websites with SEO and Keyword Rich metadata.

Create multiple copies of a video in a folder: now re-title each one from your list of related keywords, search terms and make every one individual and unique via the ‘spun’ article option in Mass Optimizer. Mass Optimizer REVIEW

Mass Optimizer, Mass Optimizer REVIEW