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Leadmodo DOWNLOAD : Build Unlimited Laser-Targeted Lists, Collect Real Leads. No More Fake Email Addresses,
Presell Your Offer Even Before Your Customers See It : LeadModo has proven to immensely benefit… 1:Affiliate Marketers : Quizzes, Surveys and Polls will help you ascertain what your prospects want. 2:Local Businesses : Google location services help users track down the local businesses offering the services and products they come looking for. 3:eCom Store Owners : LeadModo helps you address the BIGGEST challenge that you face…Cart Abandonment. 4: Internet Marketers : Engaging and connecting at will with your prospects is going to help you scale up your profits very quickly. Leadmodo DOWNLOAD link Below



LeadModo has proven to immensely benefit…

Quizzes, Surveys and Polls have proven beyond any doubts to be the most entertaining form of content. LeadModo combines that with the power of Facebook Messenger’s AI to give you a Complete Sales Model that helps you collect hot leads, qualify them based on their answers and close the sale for you.


Q1. How many campaigns can I create?

A1. With this offer – you are limited to 30 active campaigns at any given time (one-time offer has a special bonus upgrade to 100 campaigns!) You can unlock unlimited campaigns in the PRO upgrade. Available to LeadModo customers only!

Q2. Do I need to install anything?

A2. There’s nothing to download and install. LeadModo is completely cloud-based so you can login from anywhere in the world as long as you’re connected to the internet.

And this is proven further by:
The average open rates are under 10% and are rapidly dropping
The click-through rates hover between a pathetic 1-2% bracket
82% users admitted to giving fake or disposable email addresses when signing up!

Facebook Messenger is where the world is at… literally. Picture this…
Facebook Messenger has 1.3 billion users.
Facebook Messenger has a staggering 98% open rate
The click-through rate is an impressive 30–40%
In the next 5-7 years, Messenger Marketing is going to capture 80% of all B2C communication.
70 Million is the number of users on Facebook Messenger everyday
A whopping 72% of Facebook Messenger users purchase product online
Over 330 Million Facebook Messenger users connected with businesses

In Just A Few Minutes You’d Be Collecting Fresh Targeted Leads And Delivering Them Straight To Your Messenger List With Quizzes, Surveys And Polls Like These…

Step 1 :Choose your template
Step 2 : Edit and personalize
Step 3 : Add To Your Website

Thinking What All You Can Do With LeadModo For Your Business… Here Let Me Show You

Lead generation
Lead qualification
Customer support
Customer segmentation
(enabling you to offer customized products or services which leads to more sales)
Send transaction messages
such as purchase or shipping confirmations
Registration and reminders for webinars
Referral requests
Customer Re-engagement
Answer FAQs

Take A Look Inside LeadModo…
Quiz Builder
Custom Start Page
Custom Landing Page
URL Redirect
Image Based Answers