It also comes with a travel box, a cleaning brush, a charging wire, and an instruction manual

After each usage, the razor ought to be cleaned, and the clean and refresh station is where you should take it to do so. We suggest that you use the clean and refresh station at least once every week in order to lubricate and disinfect the cutting head of your shaver, regardless of whether you choose to clean it with water or with dry air. I am an African diaspora person. For me, the greatest combination of shaving tools is one that includes a depilatory (a magic shave gold bottle), an Andis T-outliner, a Remington F5, and this Braun Series 7 shaver. When I’ve gone more than a couple of days without shaving, I switch to the T-outliner since it removes the longer hairs without pushing them further into the skin. In most cases, I start with the F5, which is an excellent tool for lifting the hair and cutting short hair that is curly. After that, I go on to the Series 7, which has the most polished final product. If I don’t use the depilatory around once every four days, I break out in a rash of little pimples all over the area where hair grows. I jump right to series 7 if the depilatory cream doesn’t leave my face feeling smooth after using it. This amounts, in my mind, to the smoothest, most bump-free finish that is even remotely feasible.

My girlfriend uses one of them on her legs, armpits, and lady parts. The other one is utilised by me. She claims that it makes her skin smoother and that it keeps razor burn and ingrown hairs at bay. This is something that we share in common (I use mine on my face though). I made the investment in a Braun 8985 360 Complete Men’s Shaver at the beginning of July 2007. It is still put to use today. After each and every shave, I run the blade through the cleaner. After the cleaning operation is over, I take the cartridge out of the Clean & Charge Station and replace the cap that comes with it so that it may be stored safely until the next time I shave. This is because I am aware that the cleaning solution will evaporate once the procedure is through. After that, the cartridge is reinserted into the Clean and Charge Station, but this time it is positioned in the upright position. The cartridge may now be removed without any problems.
The idea for the product originated in Germany, where it was also developed and produced. *tested on a beard that was three days old in comparison to products that were considered to be at the top of the premium category. **compared to previous Series 9 products, which were recommended by both GQ and the Skin Health Alliance. The electric razor with the highest level of productivity in the history of the planet. Use this shaver that is not only effective but also close-fitting, and it will give you a great shave. Best efficiency: There are five different shaving components that work together to eliminate more hair in one pass than any other razor on the market.
It also comes with a travel box, a cleaning brush, a charging wire, and an instruction manual. The cleaning cartridge is included in the package as well. The SmartCare centre comes with a cleaning cartridge, cleaning cartridge, travel case, cleaning brush, charging cable, and user manual. It also intelligently chooses a cleaning programme, cleans, lubricates, dries, and charges your razor. This razor is made to last for a long time. The maximum run time of its battery has been increased to 60 minutes, and it can be recharged in only five minutes. Creating a premium razor requires a new high-quality coating that is smudge-proof and has three layers of coating that are as thin as a human hair. This allows the razor to have a design that is very exquisite. Products from the Braun Series 7 were evaluated and rated.