Facebook Video Raider Review

Facebook Video Raider Review – This Product NICHE is Facebook Video:, Author of This Product is Luther Landro, And Launch time is 30-OCT-2018 , OFFICIAL PAGE IS HERE ==> CLICK ME

Facebook Video Raider Review


Facebook Video Raider Review – ABOUT THIS PRODUCT

Facebook Video Raider is a complete Facebook marketing agency in a box.

The checklists in this system will take you step by step from finding clients with my best lead source, using copy and paste messages to land them as paying clients, creating facebook Video ads that generate leads, and managing your clients’ campaigns, so they keep paying you every week for years.

Use these checklists every time you create a Facebook video ad to generate the most leads for your client while staying protected and compliant with all of Facebook’s advertising guidelines.

FAQ OF Facebook Video Raider Review

Q: Does this work outside the U.S.?

A: YES! As long as you can open a PayPal account you can earn money as a consultant… no matter where you live. All the details are provided in the course.

Q: Can I do this all from my computer? (Or do I need to go door-to-door to sign up businesses?)

A: YES! You can do it all from your computer. Remember, business owners are busy, too, so they’re happy to avoid a face-to-face meeting and get signed up over the phone or email via PayPal.

Q: Is there any upsell or OTO?

A: Everything you need to get started as a consultant for local businesses is included in this program. NO Additional purchase is needed to make money! After purchasing you will have the option of buying extra sales materials to help you grow your business, yet these are only needed if you want to grow your business beyond 6-figures.

The client acquisition checklist handles the most critical aspect of any consulting business: Getting new clients.

In this training you will learn:

The ‘Low-Hanging-Fruit’ search formula that uncovers the most receptive prospects – I’ve been closing 1 in 5 businesses found with a simple ‘client search formula’ that only returns the biz owners who are already spending money on Facebook ads and are receptive to Video ad management (Over a year of trial an error testing every lead source). Spend less time selling and more time creating fun videos for clients who are eager to pay you top dollar for this service.

The LinkedIn hack that gives you direct contact information for any business owner – Get your sales message read by decision makers using this sneaky trick. Skip over gatekeepers, secretaries, managers, and other middlemen who KILL consulting deals. Get your message read directly by the person who can make a decision quickly, and write you a check.

The pricing formula that earns the highest fees while keeping your service profitable for clients – Use this formula before you contact potential clients to ensure you are earning the most money possible.
Double your message-to-client conversion by timing your sales pitch – Business owners always have events planned and promoted on their Facebook page. Timing your approach, and offering to create a video ad for their pre-planned event establishes instant rapport, and shows the client your service is aligned with their business goals. This strategy takes a little extra work when crafting your sales message; however, I’ve had closing rates as high as 1 in 3 when using it (almost double the closing rate I usually get with this service).

Facebook Video Raider Review