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  • Personalize website content
  • Creates scarcity no matter what the offer is
  • Deliver targeted messages and content to each and every visitor
  • Display content using triggers based on what you know about your visitors
  • Ask your visitors questions and then store those answers to customise their experience each time they come back
  • Show the right content, to the right person at the right time
  • Create dynamic evergreen special offers and sales that feel completely unique to every single person
  • Increase sales by using relevant, personalised messages building connections with users that get results
  • Geotargeting – display content tailored to your visitors location! exPersona Download
exPersona Download
exPersona Download

A few months ago I was browsing a major online clothing website when a pop up asked me for my name. I didn’t have a problem with this because its better than giving out my email!

Suddenly, the whole site was personalized to me and each time I came back to the site it remembered me!

I was amazed and knew that I had to get the same for my own websites, but there was no software out there that allowed me to do this. So, I contacted a coder and asked them to put this feature onto my sites but the cost of doing this was huge!

So, myself, Kevin and Vivek decided to make this possible ourselves. And that’s exactly what we did and today we are making that available to our community for the very first time!

Our users and us have shown that Ex Persona MASSIVELY increases how our visitors respond to our websites. It has increased subscribers, returning visitors, time on website and of course most importantly SALES for everybody that has used it! exPersona Download

The potential this technology has to increase your monthly income is truly UNLIMITED.

Because of this we decided that our users would be more than happy to invest $197+ to use this software in their businesses.

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