ELasso REVIEW – I WILL PROVIDE THE DOWNLOAD LINK BELOW : YOU CAN EASILY GET THE LINK OF ELasso REVIEW: HOW DOES eLASSO WORK? Let’s say someone is reading your sales page, your website, blog etc… They get interrupted by a message from Skype, or a notification from Facebook saying someone’s left a message for them…. …..and they ultimately leave your site in a background tab.  If you have eLasso on your site, our clever technology will detect this and flash a ‘notification’ message as well as create an  attention grabbing sound of your choice in the browser tab.


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Step 1 – Create Custom Tab Message

Unlike some imitators, eLasso allows you to completely customize what your tab message says.

Add ANY message you want to flash on your browser tab

This means you can really customize your tab to maximize the chances of reengaging your abandoned visitors.

Perhaps you could create a ‘10% OFF NOW’ message for an ecommerce site, or ‘sign up now for FREE eBook’ message for an opt-in page…. ELasso REVIEW

Step 2 – Customize Tab Message

Also, unlike some imitators of eLasso, this ‘traffic magnet’ machine allows you to completely customize how your browser tab looks and sounds.


  • Choose from 2 types of browser ‘effects’

Choose between a gentle ‘switch’ mode (switches between the original browser message and your custom message), or a much more attention grabbing ‘pulsate’ mode (your custom message pulsates on a blank tab).

  • Add one of 47 different sound notifications

Make sure you grab your lost visitor’s attention back by creating an audible notification, not just a visual one.

  • Set how many seconds before eLasso is activated

We want you to grab as many of your lost visitors back, but notifications that appear too fast after a visitor has left can be annoying. Now you have the chance to decide how long to leave it before eLasso grabs their attention back.

  • Add your own custom favicon

This is true flexibility. Add your own branded favicon to show next to your browser message, or use a custom colored dot to imitate most social media notifications.

  • Redirect visitor to anywhere you like on your site

To really re-engage visitors, use our redirect facility to send them to any page you want and compel them to take ACTION, such as an enhanced sales page with bigger discounts, a coupon page, a ‘limited time only’ page, the checkout page…..

ELasso REVIEW, http://jvsreviews.com/elasso-review/