Effortless GDPR Consulting Profits REVIEW

Effortless GDPR Consulting Profits REVIEW – I WILL PROVIDE THE DOWNLOAD LINK BELOW : YOU CAN EASILY GET THE LINK OF Effortless GDPR Consulting Profits REVIEW : A 70% response seems unheard of in the consulting world, yet it makes perfect sense when you consider that GDPR is all over the news. There is a lot of confusion and fear as to what it means for US business owners, AND no one is approaching smaller local businesses about this potential liability. : THIS PRODUCT AUTHOR NAME IS Luther Landro

Effortless GDPR Consulting Profits
Effortless GDPR Consulting Profits

Here’s a peak at everything I’ve included in
The Effortless GPDR Consulting Profits course:

First, you’re getting all of my copy-paste email templates that take you from first contact with a potential client, all the way to closing the sale and locking in your payments: Effortless GDPR Consulting Profits REVIEW

  • The original ‘shock and awe’ email that sells free GDPR audits with a 70% response rate – This simple email stops the business owner cold as soon as he sees the subject line. They will skip every other email in their inbox to read through the sales message and give you an immediate response (you can see replies in as little as an hour after you send it out IF you send it at the right time of day… Details inside the course).
  • Copy & Paste email templates for the entire sales funnel – Every step in the sales process is handled for you with these email templates. From the initial cold email to a local business owner, handling any objections, closing them on paying $3,000 monthly, to congratulating them on their purchase and upselling additional bonuses. Avoid all the mistakes most rookies make that KILL their chance of a sale by using a proven sales pitch that takes you through the ENTIRE process from start to finish (MOST sales training only helps you generate leads, but leave you hanging when it comes to closing the deal.)
  • LinkedIn and Facebook versions of all sales materials – Get an immediate response from a business owner by messaging them directly through their social media account (PLUS my secret source of finding the biz owners personal social media accounts). Facebook can give you an immediate response from the business or use LinkedIn’s “Inmail” service to guarantee that your message is read by your target.
  • How to land a $3,000 monthly client for every $400 you spend in direct mail – I’ve included a direct mail formatted version of this cold email pitch that has an even higher closing rate than sending it via email (email has the highest response rate, but direct mail has the highest closing rate.) You can do this from your kitchen table or use a direct mail service to handle the mailing for you. Just copy and paste the sales copy I’ve provided you into the online form, and the company will handle all of the printing, mailing, tracking, for a small fee.

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