Drag and Drop Videos Review

Drag and Drop Videos Review
Drag and Drop Videos Review

Drag and Drop Videos Review –  : Imagine having the ability and tools to create pretty much ANY type of video, for yourself or your clients… within a few minutes. And imagine being able to do it by simply dragging and dropping your images, videos, and text into pre-formatted templates.

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Video Intros:
Grab your viewers attention in seconds, as soon as they click play on your video. These intros look awesome and engage your viewers right away.

3D Animations:
WOW your viewers with these amazing 3D animations. Break through walls, make your footage appear inside a 3D laptop, open a 3D door to reveal your video, etc.. It’s really cool and eye popping stuff. Drag and Drop Videos Review

Explainer Videos:
Explainer style videos are very popular, and they’re a great way to get a message across. You’ll be able to quickly put together explainer scenes in different styles and with different animations.

Glitch Slideshow:
With these templates you can create modern, hip, energetic glitch style videos. Add any images, videos and text inside and watch the glitch effect get added automatically.

Social Animations:
Grow your social accounts by adding these social animations to your videos. All of these animations can be put over ANY existing video. They’re great for the end of your video as a call to action for people to subscribe.

Alpha Transparency:
Most of the templates and animations come with alpha transparency. That means you can put them on top of any image or video. You can even layer different elements on top of each other.

So just to be clear, Drag & Drop Videos is not a stand alone video app. It is a package of templates, presets and video assets. The templates and presets were created for a free video editor called Hitfilm Express. So to edit the templates in this package, you will need Hitfilm Express and I will give you a link to download it 100% free.

Why Hitfilm Express? I thought long and hard about this for months. Basically, I wanted to create a set of templates that pretty much everyone can edit. That means they have to be easy to edit AND they have to be based on a video editor that everyone can use.

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