Chiropractic Patient Magnets Review

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Chiropractic Patient Magnets Review
Chiropractic Patient Magnets Review



  • The keyword formula for generating patient traffic – Tap into what the patients are searching for with an included list of injuries, medical conditions, and benefits chiropractors can offer. Combined with local search, this formula produces millions of keyword combinations that are easy to rank for, and deliver visitors who set appointments to fix their ails. Chiropractic Patient Magnets Review
  • 3 free research tools that will tell you how much traffic (and appointments) your site will get before you build it – These tools eliminate the guesswork telling you exactly what it will take to rank your sites on page one of Google and keep it there for the long term. These go beyond Google’s Keyword tool and will allow you to quickly test your keyword ideas to find the easiest low hanging fruit keywords so you can maximize the time you spend building sites.
  • How to buy the right domain that will have you owning the first page of results for any keyword – Use this domain search tool to look not only for available domains, but expired domains and other opportunities that can help you rank your sites faster. (Buying the right domain is like owning web real estate and cements your place on the first page of results)
  • The 30-second ‘sanity check’ you MUST perform before you build a mini-site – Checking the first page of Google for this mistake BEFORE you build your site will save you the headache of a keyword that was doomed to fail. NO tool can check this for you and is the most common reason newbies fail when building a site and ranking it in Google. (If you ever wonder why your site didn’t rank when you did everything right, THIS is almost always the reason)
  • Why some webhosts will HURT your Google rank – Web hosting companies share their servers among multiple customers. If you use the WRONG host you will be sharing space with spammers, porn sites, and other websites and Google will group your site in with them, punishing you for guilt by association. Learn the hosts you MUST avoid at all costs, as well as the hosts that have the best reputation with Google (Stephen has seen a boost in his site’s Google rank by doing nothing more than changing webhosts… proving this concept.)

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