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Attorney Marketing Intensive REVIEW : You get the 68 Page PDF Training Guide and I’m Including my “over the shoulder” videos to show you exactly how we run our business so you can easily do it yourself.

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Also included are templates for emails, forms, and everything you need to start making money right out of the gate.

Attorney Marketing Intensive

PLUS There’s MORE: I’m including 3 “Done For You” CLIENT GETTING VIDEOS for Lawyers. You will easily sell these videos to clients for $97 to $297.
1) Lawyer Video
2) Accident Lawyer Video
3) Divorce Lawyer Video

Making Yourself A Fortune!

This New Specialized Training Walks You Through Every Step Of The Process So You Can’t Go Wrong:

The Easiest Ways To Find Good Lawyer Prospects
The TWO best Sources for Legal Clients Right Now
How To Immediately Get The Attention Of Local Lawyers That Need YOU
The Number One Thing You Must Do To Get Your Phone Ringing Off The Hook With Lawyers
My Approach with Emails that absolutely works.
The Chrome Plug-in that builds your list fast.
DON'T Pay for a DataBase- I show you how to get the best for Free!
How To Craft Your Non-Salesy Sales Pitch
Get Past Spam Filters with this New Tool- Revealed on Page 14
The BEST Time To Send Your Emails..and the Automatic Followup emails
Use Our Tested Cold Email SEQUENCE for best results

Questions Of Attorney Marketing Intensive

“This Sells Itself”

…but in this case case it’s pretty much true. Of course every lawyer looking for more business won’t sign with you. You understand that. But plenty WILL be interested and you’ll get all you need.

I’ve Built a New Lead Gen Branding Method…So You Can Build YOUR Business. Have questions? Fair enough, lets see if we can answer them…

Q: Is this the same as an earlier ‘Lawyer Leads’ course?
A: No, “Attorney Marketing Intensive Training” is a completely different course. This one focuses on building their brand and an expert status via Facebook Groups and LinkedIn. As well using Facebook ads in a unique way to generate leads. The lead gen comes from the FB Groups and LinkedIn outreach in addition to the FB ads.

Q: Are Attorneys difficult to work with?
A: No more difficult than any other client. In fact many are easier to deal with than some niches. They are usually time-pressed, but they need what you can bring them. Ive found they come in all kinds of personalities…and they earn good fees to afford us.

Q: What is different about this training?
A: It covers a unique set of lead sources that not only provide leads for lawyers but build their Brand and, yes, their Fan Base.

Now, what do you think it would be worth to an Attorney to have someone (you?) supply them leads for a fraction of what they typically pay?

Can we agree, thats a powerful sales argument?!

Here’s the Good News:
Through months of testing and tweaking and re-testing I’ve
built a better lead system…better than anything I’ve seen before or ever used before.