And the new 5iphon as the modern high tech

I still remember having to write out a check to her lawyer for over $14,000 dollars. Not only that. I had to drive to his office to drop the check off. …Not sure how I got suckered into that one. Lost my home. Lost my cabin. Lost my cars. And I was ordered to pay $5,000 per month in alimony…or as I call it, “allmymoney.”SKEPTIC BANKS $11,244,42 IN UNDER 30 DAYS WITH OUR SELF-DRIVING INCOME MACHINE

Dear Friend, I was in a bad spot. I’d just gotten divorced and my ex was trying to take me for everything I was worth. Everything I’d worked for.

Needless to say I needed cash, and needed it fast. As an online marketer I already knew that blasting out emails to a list of subscribers was – and is – the absolute easiest, fastest way to make $1000’s per month.

But I’d been neglecting my online business throughout the divorce, and needed a way to rebuild my email list at record speed. I absolutely could NOT afford to built another email list at a snail’s pace, one subscriber at a time.

So I set my mind to creating a solution for not just myself, but also the many people like me in dire need of FAST cash online. …And that’s exactly how my first viral list & income building machine – which I named “5iphon” – was born.

I knew I had something almost “magical” on my hands with 5iphon, when my email list suddenly started growing by 500+ subscribers per day… And when $100’s per day in income started pouring in on autopilot… …All from literally having done nothing but place a single picture ad online. I kid you not. There was no organized launch. No paid traffic. Not even a blast to what remained of my original email list. Just one little image ad placed online was all it took.
5iphon took off like a rocket – building both my email list and my income at a record setting pace. Absolutely the easiest money I’d ever made online.
…even with years of past experience under my belt. And I wasn’t the only one…


A guy by the name of Charlie was skeptical of 5iphon. He felt I was hyping it up. But I convinced him to give it a try anyhow. (I think he could sense my excitement.)

In Charlie’s case, a single email is all it took to jumpstart 5iphon’s viral system. In just a few days he had already made close to $4,000 in profit…

And the new 5iphon as the modern high tech Corvette Stingray C-7 (an absolute beast of a machine)… 30 days later Charlie was exactly $11,244.42 richer… And with that in mind, Tom and I are proud to introduce…
If during that time you decide that this just isn’t for you for whatever crazy reason… …maybe you prefer to work harder for your money… …or maybe you’d prefer a large pizza over over a 5-6 figure income system…–newbie-friendly