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AdSmartly Download
AdSmartly Download

Front End (Elite):
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AdSmartly OTO 1 (FB Builder):
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Let Me Break It Down For You:

Bounce rates to lead capture pages are rising all the time. AdsMartly’s custom link technology enables you to capture those lost leads.


People who like and comment on your sponsored posts are valuable leads. You need to follow up with them. AdsMartly helps you capture those leads and export them to a ‘warm list’ you can market to later. AdSmartly Download

You can save yourself a fortune on Facebook advertising, as you will be getting a lot more leads for every $1 you spend.

You don’t have to worry about your capture page’s opt-in rate. Adsmartly will make sure you capture all subscribers who click on


Q. Do I get support?

A. YES, absolutely. You will never be left stuck or wondering what to do next. Any question or query you have will be answered immediately.

Q. Do I Need Any Experience To Use AdsMartly To Generate Leads?

A. No! The software is 100% newbie friendly. You get super simple videos to follow. We are there to answer any question you have. AdSmartly Download

Q. How Soon Before I Can Start Seeing Results?

A. With AdsMartly your results are just a Click away…as you can access your new leads almost immediately.

Q. Do I Need A Budget For Ads?

A. Not a requirement! You can use the system to achieve great results for free, however should you want to scale up your results the system has been designed to help you pay less with your ads goal.

Q. Will This Software System Work In Any Niche?

A. Sure, is not niche dependent, you can use Adsmartly to target and profit from whatever niche you want. AdSmartly Download

And There’s More…
Facebook Is Stealing Your Hard Earned Leads…

It’s true. Bounce rates from Facebook ads have gone through the roof recently when sending traffic to a lead capture page.

Less than 65% of people who click on your ad actually land on your capture page and become a valuable lead.

The bottom line is- you are paying for the traffic…

AdSmartly, AdSmartly Download